is a 2 hour musical spectacular starring MARK ANDREW and his fabulous Show Girls and Show Band. Renowned impersonator Mark Andrew , an entertainer with over 15 years experience and endless versatile talent, has mastered the looks and sounds of Dean Martin, Buddy Holly, John Lennon, Tom Jones, Jim Morrison, Austin Powers and Elvis Presley. Legends Showcase is a Las Vegas style international class rated show.

"Absolutely Fantastic Tribute - Brought back so may memories" (Joe Esposito - Elvis Presley's Road Manager)

"You were brilliant...A truly magnificent portrayal of all the personas...Your Elvis was brilliant, but now, you as Jim Morrison!! That was incredible!" (Shelly Craft - Channel 9)

"Truly Amazing...if Elvis is your thing, this show is not to be missed" (Vince Colosimo)

The first part of the show will take the audience back to those early concert show years and Mark will perform with very quick costume changes as Dean Martin, Buddy Holly, John Lennon, Tom Jones, Jim Morrison and Austin Powers. The second half Mark will leave his audience spellbound, with his world classy uncanny portrayal of Elvis Presley. The show is backed by 9 piece band and 4 show girls.

The other facets of the Legends show are SWING OUT, a swing/jazz show in the style of Bobby Darin, GREASED the timeless musical and SOUL BROTHERS for those die hard Blues Brothers fans, and these shows are available on request.

The shows can be tailored and the ultimate line up for all shows includes the 10 piece band and 4 show girls.